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How to Find a Outsourcing Development Team for a Metaverse Game?


Metaverse is a phenomenon that is taking over the internet. It is the future of the future! The most prominent aspect of it is Metaverse Games and how to find a development team. Read to find out more


Metaverse might sound like a complicated term because it has no physical existence yet. But people keep mentioning Metaverse in every conversation. Ofcourse, this was bound to happen, as IT businesses like Argentics have raised the bar and developed it as a widespread phenomenon.

Even though it’s fiction, people are still attracted to this evolving trend. From commerce and property to fashion and corporate, the metaverse is approaching numerous industries; this internet iteration has taken the world by storm. Gradually metaverse games are becoming common, and now they can be found everywhere in the e-gaming market.

For understanding these games held in metaverse, their basis should be recognized first. So, we will break it all down, verse by verse. If you belong to the metaverse-curious generation, keep reading and discover what goes on in this parallel reality!


Metaverse is an immersive and interactive digital environment with a vast open world and a plethora of features and game meta goals. NFT metaverses have become a popular phenomenon in late 2021 and 2022, offering their enjoyers innovative multiplayer features and tools to change game worlds.

In the metaverse, the audience “experience” a parallel fictional arena and carry out social interactions there. It contains a multiuser environment that connects users through avatars. This interconnected platform of immersive social environments is possible due to technological advancements. The multisensory interactions it features are beyond commendable.

How did it come into being?
It all begins with Ready Player One, a Science fiction novel set in 2045. Gradually people started taking more interest in these future-based worlds and scenarios. Talking about the future became a hobby and then turned into a whole industry. And this is how Metaverse came into being.

At one point, most people thought that metaverse was something entirely out of the blue. Nobody was ready to believe the fictional environment it was set in. But with time and developments, this virtual universe has become a part of today’s reality. From Games to transactions, the dystopian future has become closer than we think.

What’s next?
It is unclear what will happen in the future. Will, there be one metaverse, several metaverses, or any metaverse; remains unanswered. The future remains foggy, but the constant is: The metaverse is all set to become the next generation of the internet. It may not become the future, but it is the future!

In a decade or so, it will become the successor of online platforms. Gradually it is becoming a source of human leisure and labor. Within no time, it will be humanity’s existence at large.

Metaverse is already spreading its wings across a vast array of activities such as gaming, real estate, entertainment, fashion, retail transactions, etc. The virtual gaming aspect, in particular, is becoming very popular and making metaverse mainstream.

To make it easy for you to understand Metaverse, we have explained some of its common terms below:

Meeting the Digital Vocabulary of the Future
Mirrorworld: A digital version of the reality where real-life, places, things, and people are replaced with virtual counterparts.

Skeuomorphic design: The process of making virtual objects closely resemble real ones. The metaverse is not entirely identical to reality, but it often appears to be tethered to the designs of the physical world.

Avatar: It is a user’s persona in virtual reality. It could be a digital version of you that imitates your appearance, or it can appear as a cartoon or fantastical creature.

Virtual reality (VR): An experience where the user immerses in a 360° virtual world through. a headset

Augmented reality (AR): It provides an interactive experience by digitally enhancing real-world objects. Popular examples include Pokemon Go, Jurassic world alive, etc.

Mixed reality (MR): the merging of VR with AR. it incorporates elements of both realities, and users can interact with virtual objects. In it, digital and physical objects co-exist in real-time.

Extended reality (XR): It refers to an amalgamation of all three realities, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. It combines all human-machine interactions and environments generated through technology such as wearables,

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Financial securities based on blockchain certificates that are 100% unique. They consist of digital data stored in the form of an encrypted distributed ledger. They are cryptographic assets that can be sold and traded online.


As mentioned above, NFTs is a common term used in Metaverse. This is because the role NFTs play in the metaverse is crucial as they are building blocks of the metaverse. NFTs are the crypto tokens that allow ownership of items such as artworks, real estate, videos, sports cards, and gaming accessories to be transferred into the virtual world.

Therefore if a user wants to purchase anything in the metaverse, they can do it via NFT smart contracts. This form of crypto currency transfers ownership in a virtual transaction. They are useful in the metaverse because digital assets can easily be stolen or copied. Even though NFTs cannot stop such acts completely, these tokens can confirm the designated owner.

Most people assume NFTs to be just a small component of the metaverse. However, this isn’t true. NFTs and Metaverse are now almost synonymous as blockchain gaming is becoming popular. (more on it below)

Is NFTs the Future of Metaverse?

Even though the metaverse is a vast concept, NFTs can become its key in the future. These tokens already play a vital role in this broad ecosystem. NFT combined with metaverse projects can drive numerous possibilities, especially when it comes to selling virtual property.

Interestingly, NFTs, with their smart features, can help in providing exclusive access to locations in the metaverse. Moreover, NFTs can be used to airdrop branded merchandise and transfer privileges to users. Apart from all this, NFTs can lead to a transparent and fair economy in the metaverse.

Undoubtedly NFTs and metaverse are made for each other, and their connected future is promising.

NFTs in Metaverse Gaming

The role of NFT in gaming is even more prominent. New models like play-to-earn games rely on NFTs to drive engagement in the metaverse. These crypto tokens empower players and lead to a fair gameplay experience. Furthermore, as NFTs allow complete control and ownership, they enhance the user experience.

Moreover, NFTs are ubiquitous in MV games because users can earn rewards in digital form; they can buy NFT items, properties, or music within the metaverse platforms via them. In addition, gaming platforms such as Metacity are based on NFT projects and let players purchase plots to develop businesses using cryptocurrency. Sorare is another popular name in NFT metaverse games, and it is for football fans. In it, users buy gaming cards and develop virtual teams.

We are mentioning other top metaverse games worthy of your attention below:


Games have always been popular in the digital realm. But metaverse games have transformed the whole gaming experience—the metaverse homes numerous phenomenal online games. But as many gaming options are available, it can become challenging to know where to begin. So to make it easy for you, we are identifying the best of the best games!

Here is the metaverse games list containing the top 5 games:


A popular name in NFT metaverse games is Decentraland which highlights an endless and borderless world. It provides users with a parallel world that leverages the best parts of reality.
The game is fascinating as players can create their economy and own real estate. It uses 2 tokens as currency. The first one is LAND, an NFT that confirms land ownership, and the second one is MANA, the native cryptocurrency of this platform that is used to buy LAND and other virtual goods.
Users who buy LAND can customize it using animations. They can customize their avatars, and wearables and visit virtual casinos to get rewards. And obviously, they can build estates within the metaverse of Decentraland and earn income via concerts and exhibiting digital art.
The market value of Decentraland is $5 billion, which shows how popular it is. However, the gameplay elements like VR support needs to be developed further.


Sandbox is among the top metaverse games as it is available on many platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android. It is gaining more popularity due to its celebrity player base, including names such as Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg. In addition, the collaboration with Smurfs has expanded its use even further.

In Sandbox, users are represented via block-like avatars and can communicate with others. The digital currency used on this platform is called SAND, and there are 3 main aspects of this game:
VoxEdit: A 3D modeling tool where avatars, animals, vehicles, tools, and other items are created.
The Marketplace: A selling place where you export and sell your creations.
Game Maker: a place where players can develop 3D games and monetize them.

Moreover, like in decentraland, you can also buy and sell land in Sandbox. You also have the option to put them on offer in the Open Sea NFT marketplace. The popularity of this game can be seen by its impressive 7% share of the entire metaverse. Sandbox has gained and maintained popularity by providing its community with freedom.

Axie Infinity

Another famous name in the metaverse video games is Axie Infinity. The game has received considerable acclaim and was the first to reach $4 billion in sales. The currency used in this game is Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), and the tokens earned are called Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

From winning battles to breeding Axies (in-game collectible characters, which are NFTs), this game provides its players with a lot of earning potential. The characters bred can be given different traits, 500 customizable body parts, and power-ups to boost battling abilities. Users can even purchase land in Lunacia, Axie Infinity’s metaverse homeland.

There are 3 game modes in Axie Infinity:

  • Adventure Mode
  • Arena
  • Daily Quests

Players can earn SLPs by competing in these challenges. With these SLPs, they can breed new Axies or trade SLPs to gain other cryptocurrencies. In addition, Axie Infinity also features guilds where players can combine resources to earn rewards. They can even split profits and rent each other their Axies.

With time, Axie’s popularity has skyrocketed. It has reached a $9 billion market cap and is still growing. The developers continuously work on it to make it more innovative and intriguing.


Illuvium stands out amongst NFT metaverse games as it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Being an open-world RPG game, its core concept is gathering influential deity-like creatures called “Illuvials.” Even though it is still in its infancy, it has gained considerable popularity.

In this game, you hunt or nurse illuvial (tradable NFTs) in an alien landscape and use them to fight other monsters and players. The stronger your creatures are, the higher they are digitally valued.

Moreover, the players in illuvium can unearth other armor and weapons as well. The main currency in this dystopian landscape is ILV – Illuvium crypto. You can earn these by winning tournaments and quests. Later you can exchange ILV on the IlluviDEX.

With a $1 billion market cap. The graphics and gameplay of illuvium are worth praising. The enormous environment, immersive nature, and colorful landscape give this newbie metaverse game a promising future. With its fluid gameplay, Illuvium has the potential to become the finest Metaverse game.

Somnium Space

Somnium Space is one of those metaverse video games that takes the idea of gaming very seriously. The players are not just participants, but they are referred to as citizens. They are presented with a Virtual Reality World where they can socialize and create almost anything.

There are many places to visit like museums, cinemas, and schools, where you can have fun and make friends. From driving cars, building NFT lands, playing games, and hosting concerts, users can have fun in any way they want. The best part about Somnium Space is that it offers you the tools to build everything without code.

So your imagination is the only thing that limits you in this Metaverse. You can earn tokens by selling in-game assets, including digital avatars, and even establish shops to sell services. The economy of Somnium Space is fueled via the CUBE token, based on Ethereum (ERC-20).

Dating back to 2017, Somnium Space is the oldest in our top metaverse games list, yet it continues to amaze us. The devices it can be played on include VR, Windows, Web, and Mobile. Unsurprisingly, Somonium developers’ have focused a lot on presentation to meet any player demand. As a result, the game’s virtual reality interfaces are solid and are complemented by a robust creative power supported by an excellent level of scripting!

We have mentioned top metaverse games, but there are many other games you can explore too. However, you will find that some games are not up to the mark, and even the highly rated ones require updates and improvements.


Like all technological development, The metaverse also has room for growth. At present, the metaverse is still in its early stage, and there is a potential to develop it further. The lack of framework and haphazard and exponential growth has led to a few gaps which need to be filled.

The demand for quality is even more prominent with an influx of users. From visual construction to exploration, including graphics, fluidity, interaction, and transactions, every aspect of it can be made better. By monitoring user actions, gaining feedback, and using various sensory channels, the quality of metaverse and its components can be improved considerably.

As metaverse is becoming increasingly popular in all aspects of life, developers need to work on these 4 areas:

Immersive Entertainment
Entertainment at first may seem trifle in the metaverse, but it is becoming increasingly popular. This can be seen in Ariana Grande’s concert series in the Fortnite gaming universe. It has a lot of potential and needs to be further developed so that users can benefit from it.

Developers should keep an eye on this area as immersive experiences garner much interest from younger players who are the future of metaverse growth. Investing in it can provide a stepping stone for expansion,

Collaborative Environment
The metaverse depends on a user-friendly environment. The interface should be easy to operate, and even newbies should be able to use the technology. Moreover, the design should embed collaboration so users can coordinate more fully.

Even carrying out complex tasks should be easy, and fluidity of communications should be at par. More research needs to be done in this area to improve the quality of the metaverse interaction.

High-quality VR Offerings
Although the VR quality offered by most metaverse platforms is commendable, there is still potential to improve these offerings. From developing better headsets to increasing resolutions and improving graphics, developers can work on these technical areas.
A better VR in the metaverse can captivate its users and enhance their realistic digital experiences. Furthermore, by accommodating high-quality resolution displays and increasing streaming quality, the metaverse can grow its user base at a faster pace.

Data Compressions
The foundational pillar of the metaverse is data compression which can be made more efficient and less energy-hungry. The mammoth file sizes can be reduced to conserve storage and power. Streaming in XR reality can improve by working on low-complexity coding enhancement standards.

Moreover, reducing file sizes can also make mass adoption more feasible. There can be swift displaying and lower bandwidth demands leading to a better user experience without any lags. A better metaverse experience can be generated with low-enough power and high quality.


Experts are predicting the metaverse to grow more in the future. The global metaverse market in 2021 was valued at $63.83 billion and is projected to reach $1,527.55 billion in 2029.
With improvement and continuous developments, it can become a game-changer and take the digital world by storm. So it’s time for you to explore this world too. But it can be daunting.

If you want to enter the metaverse platforms, you will require a partner with sufficient knowledge of its working. Many companies offer metaverse developing services. From big names like Microsoft and Pandora Roblox corporation and ByteDance Ltd, you will find many organizations providing Metaverse projects.

The competition in this market has intensified due to increasing popularity. In the last few years, many new players have also emerged. So choosing a partner for your project can be difficult. Here are some qualities you should look for before selecting a partner:

  1. Research and development: The company should continuously undertake improvement procedures to produce new, better, quality products. Updating is a crucial strategy for well-established metaverse projects,
  2. Growth strategies: The partner should apply new techniques such as launching products to help you gain a competitive edge.
  3. Collaboration: There should be collaborations with smaller players, too, as it helps expand market presence.

When selecting a partner for your project, you don’t necessarily have to go for big names. Even small metaverse players are making their mark. By seeking funding from venture capitalists, they are also serving quality development, which can benefit your long-term growth.


What are you waiting for? Metaverse waits for none, and it keeps growing. So jump the bandwagon now and become a part of this evergrowing fictional reality. It holds the future, and the new generation is ready to thrive on it.
Become a part of it and benefit from an unforgettable immersive experience!

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